Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday links

From Ian:

Former PA minister and billionaire slammed by Palestinian boycott group for discussing peace with supermarket mogul
“The Palestinian billionaire Munib Al-Masri, a former Palestinian Authority minister, has become the latest target of a boycott drive aimed at ending normalization efforts between Israelis and Palestinians.”
Masri has been singled out by the Boycott National Committee (BNC) for discussing the Arab League’s 2002 Peace Initiative with Israeli businessman Rami Levy, at a meeting at one of Levy’s supermarkets in the West Bank, as part of an effort to persuade Israelis to take the initiative seriously.
“The statement asserted that the Arab Peace Initiative had been rejected by Palestinians, since it ignored the rights of Arab Israelis and attempted to eliminate the “right of return” of Palestinian refugees by calling for “an agreed upon solution” to their plight through negotiations with Israel.
The statement ended by demanding that the PLO put an end to the meetings between Masri and Levy.”

Sinai: New Islamic Terror Emirate? by Khaled Abu Toameh
"The Egyptians were the first to condemn Israel each time it fired back at terrorists who launched rockets and missiles at Israeli cities and communities. The Egyptians are finally learning that terrorism is a double-edged sword, and that those who approve of terror activities will one day find themselves targeted by the same terrorists."

'Incitement Index' shows PA facilitates demonization of Israel
Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon presents "Index of Incitement" to Knesset Index finds that Palestinian Authority is actively working against normalization with Israel on all levels Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Palestinian Authority is incapable of adopting a dialogue of peace.

Khamenei's Sacred Word: Destroy Israel by Clifford May
“There's nothing wrong with negotiating with your enemies. There is something wrong if you don't know that those sitting across the table from you are your enemies. Too many Americans, Europeans and even Israelis still don't grasp that Iran's rulers—not average Iranians, but those who wield power—believe it is their sacred obligation to destroy us. This is not some misunderstanding that can be resolved through outreach, diplomacy, engagement and "confidence-building measures." It is at the core of their ideology and theology. We know this because they tell us, clearly and repeatedly. More Americans should understand this—and keep it in mind as the debate goes forward.”
“In his presentation in Jerusalem, Aznar recalled another meeting, this one with Vladimir Putin, in which he advised the Russian president against selling missiles to Iran. "Don't worry—I, you, we can sell them everything, even if we are worried by an Iranian nuclear bomb," Aznar quoted Putin as saying. "Because at the end of the day, Israel will take care of it."

US didn’t foresee 9/11, officials in Jerusalem say, after White House claims it would know if Iran was about to get the bomb
Withering response from anonymous sources in Israel to Obama spokesman’s attempt at reassurance

Turkey: Gender-based violence leading cause of death for women aged 15-44

More Turk Bias Against Greeks, Armenians
“Armenians, for example, need not apply. They are by law unable to own housing or businesses in Turkey. Greeks have it better. They are merely banned from purchasing houses or stores in Istanbul and coastal provinces. Such discrimination is rooted in Turkish historical animus.”

Widow of murdered Yemenite Jew immigrates to Israel
Luiza Nahari, a Yemenite Jew whose husband, Moshe, was murdered in their hometown of Raydah in December 2008, immigrated to Israel on Sunday morning with four of her children.

The birth of a new games: How one inspirational man escaped the Nazis and created the modern day Paralympics
“A pioneering neurologist who fled Nazi Germany for a safer life in Britain could never have dreamed that a low-key archery contest for war veterans with horrific injuries would one day become the London 2012 Paralympic Games.”
“Dr Guttmann's story has now been transformed into an upcoming BBC2 (Best of Men) drama with Eddie Marsan as the German doctor and Rob Brydon as one of his patients, to be screened on Thursday August 14.”

Israel helps India clean up the Ganges river

Israel Daily Picture: The Jerusalem Windmill Will Soon Turn and Mill Again.
Built in 1857, It Operated for less than 20 Years

Windmill in 1866, when it was operational

Also, a Palestinese lexicon.

Sir Gerald Kaufman and Hamas Chic at Harry's Place

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