Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lebanese cleric warns of a Jewish fifth column in Islamic world

Here's today's Arab anti-semitism, from the Mufti of Mount Lebanon:

In El Nashra, Sheikh Mohammed Ali Jawzo warns that "there is a major plot revolving around us, ...there are Jews in the heart of the Islamic nation, unfortunately, and even more dangerous, Jews who know they are Jewish and that they are the enemy, but they wear human dress of Islam and fight Islam and Muslims, hitting them at home and trying to destroy the Islamic structure in all parts of our region. This is Judaism and Zionism in particular, and this is the goal of the Jews to divide the region and there are those who play this role for them on their behalf. "

Jawzo also happens to be very anti-Hezbollah.

But in the Middle East, if you are Jewish, the enemy of your enemy is also your enemy.