Friday, August 24, 2012

Journalistic "ethics" from Ha'aretz and The Guardian (update)

A few days ago I noted that the Mostly Kosher blog proved that Ha'aretz was wrong in its assertion that the US State Department initiated a new policy of referring to Jewish terror attacks.

The lie was repeated by Harriet Sherwood at The Guardian, even though any modicum of research would have proven that it was false.

I contacted the Guardian to see if they would issue a correction. So far, they haven't.

The author of the Mostly Kosher blog revisited the Ha'aretz article today, though, and it has magically and silently been corrected- both in Hebrew and English!

No correction that can be found (certainly not on the page that matters), no admission of a major error - just a silent correction on a story that practically no one is going to read anymore.

Even though the original mistake was copied, not only in the Guardian but in many other media.

So this is how the media admits mistakes - not by admitting them, but by rewriting history as if they got it right the first time.

UPDATE: Apparently, Ha'aretz published a correction on Friday in page 5 of their print edition. Still nothing from The Guardian.