Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Iran's allies: Syria, Russia, Hezbollah - and Egypt

Egypt's rapprochement with Iran continues:

An Egyptian official has said that Cairo will raise the level of its diplomatic representation in Tehran soon.

Yousry Abu Sahdy, a member at the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs, told Iranian news agency IRNA that Egypt will soon open an embassy in Iran, and added that President Mohamed Morsy and Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr's participation in the Non-Aligned Movement's summit in Tehran, which is scheduled for 30 and 31 August, will strengthen diplomatic and economic ties between both countries.

It is significant that Egypt is choosing to get closer to Iran at the very moment that the West is isolating it and when most Arab countries are upset over Iran's stance towards Syria.

Which makes me think that Iran is danging some serious petrodollars to bring cash-starved Egypt into its orbit - and to surround Israel with its proxies. Combined with the Islamic Brotherhood's desire for a new caliphate throughout the Middle East, we have a very toxic mix.