Monday, August 13, 2012

Iranian officers leading the Shabiha gangs in Syria

From Al Arabiya:
Defected Brigadier General Ibrahim al-Jabawi said on Monday that the Syrian regime’s gang-like militia, the Shabiha, were led by Iranian military advisors when they stormed al-Shamas district in Homs.

According to Jabawi, each Shabiha group followed an Iranian military advisor, Al Arabiya news channel reported him as saying.
The Shabiha are known for their ruthlessness, as they do not wear uniforms when they attack anti-regime activists. They are said to be responsible for a number of massacres, including the Houla massacre (108 killed) and the Al Qubeir massacre (78 killed.)

Which means that the Iranian military is involved in war crimes every day.

No doubt the UN will jump right on this information.

In other Syrian news, rebels appear to have shot down a Syrian MIG-23 fighter jet- and they posted video:

(h/t Yoel)