Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday links

From Ian:

Latma: How much does it cost to attack Iran and the most decorated president

J Street Makes an Attack on Iran More Likely by Alan Dershowitz
“J Street should get out of the business of telling Israel how to balance existential risks regarding the security of its citizens. It should stop undercutting American policy with regard to Iran. And as an organization that claims it is both pro-Israel and pro-peace, it should recognize that its superficial approach to this complex problem is bad for peace, bad for Israel and bad for American efforts to prevent a nuclear Iran without the need for a military attack.”

How Palestinians Keep Shooting Themselves in the Foot by Hisham Jarallah
Instead of using the billions of dollars that were given to them by Americans and Europeans to create new jobs, the PLO leadership stole most of the funds and later blamed Israel for damaging the Palestinian economy.
As the Arab countries continue to impose strict employment restrictions on Palestinians, Israel is opening its doors to Palestinian workers from the West Bank. Palestinians say, in fact, that Israel is becoming one of the largest employers of Palestinians in the Middle East.

Southern Poverty Law Center Joining Pro-Hamas, Hezbollah, Groups in Blasting ‘Haters’ – Mostly Jews
“The Center’s views have now been stretched so far that, in the name of tolerance and equality, the SPLC is partnering with, on the one hand, a Muslim group whose followers revere and support Hamas and Hezbollah, and a far-left think tank whose writers were spewing accusations of dual loyalty and other anti-Semitic canards just a few months ago.”

The War Against the Jews by Efraim Karsh
“A saddening thought, indeed. But is there any other explanation as to why, more than sixty years after its establishment, Israel remains the only state in the world whose citizens are presented as the heirs to the Nazi mantle; whose economy faces relentless calls for sanctions, boycotts, and divestment; whose policies and actions year in and year out are condemned by the international community, and whose right to exist is constantly debated and challenged?”

York University Professor Lauds Palestinian Terrorist in Toronto Star Op-Ed
“In an op-ed published in the Toronto Star on August 12, Faisal Bhahba, a Law Professor at York University's Osgoode Hall Law School, promotes the morally repugnant belief that Marwan Barghouti, a Palestinian arch-terrorist convicted of five counts of cold-blooded murder, is a “a popular and promising Palestinian politician” who he implies has been wrongly “imprisoned by Israel since 2002.”

PM shoots down dangerous quotes from Arab world
For the second time in a week Israel found itself on Thursday denying potentially dangerous and erroneous statements attributed to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in the Arab world.

Santa Monica hotel discriminated against Jews, court rules
According to the testimony, the plaintiffs, young leaders of the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, held a poolside party on the afternoon of July 11, 2010. As the event commenced, hotel staff confronted the revelers, telling them to remove their banners and barring them from using the pool.

Iranians commemorate ‘Al-Quds Day’ by burning Israeli, US flags
Millions of demonstrators march with Palestinian flags, shouting ‘Death to Israel’; Ahmadinejad calls Israel ‘an insult to all humanity’

Securing Syria chemical weapons may take tens of thousands of troops

Two Egyptian journalists to stand trial for criticizing Morsi

Militant group warns Egyptian army over Sinai crackdown

Salafi Terror Group Threatens to Attack in the Heart of Cairo
Army of Islam threatens to carry out mass suicide bombings in the heart of Cairo, in response to the Egyptian operation in the Sinai.

Hamas helps Egypt in hunt for Sinai terrorists

State Dept. Trained 450 Imams on the ‘Compatibility of Women’s Rights and Islam’

IDF Blog Introducing IDF’s History on Facebook

Melville in Jerusalem
The Moby-Dick author sought spiritual connection on an 1857 Holy Land trip. He found dust and rocks instead.


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