Friday, August 03, 2012

Friday links

From Ian:

LATMA returns with full episodes: Jamil and Awad's summertime blues and Israel's unfair tax burden

Stand with Us The El Al Ambassadors Program

J’lem 'angry' at PA failure to reciprocate goodwill
"The Palestinian failure to respond positively to a series of recent Israeli goodwill gestures shows that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is “unable to enter into negotiations that will require concessions,” according to an internal government memo made known to The Jerusalem Post."

Capital, seat of government or a town in limbo: World still divided over an ‘undivided’ Jerusalem
A statistics book by the UN, of all bodies, grants Israel the right to assert its capital claim, while leaving the Palestinians with Ramallah. It’s an anomaly that highlights an unrelenting dispute”

Caroline Glick Israel -- Obama's wedge issue
"It is hard to think of a milder criticism of Palestinian society than Romney's comparison of the Palestinian economy to the economies of Mexico and Ecuador. Romney could easily have gone much further without ever leaving the confines of received wisdom. For instance, he could have mentioned - as Obama did in his speech in Cairo in June 2009 - that Muslim societies under-invest in education relative to non-Muslim societies."

The French Railroad and the Holocaust Is a Public Company Private? by Michael Curtis
“In all these legal encounters, the SNCF has used contradictory, but successful, arguments. In the French case, it argues that the court has no jurisdiction over it because it was a private company. In the U.S., it argues that courts have no jurisdiction over it because it was not a private company but an arm of the French government.”

BDS enthusiast David Martin, MEP, and a Hamas-linked trip to Gaza

Muslim sprays tear gas into face of two women wearing the Star of David (German)
"On Monday evening two women who came to a waterpark in Stein were assaulted. A 23-year-old insulted them, sprayed them with tear gas and gave them the "Hitler salute" -- apparently because of a Star of David on a necklace of one woman...."

Al Qaeda trio' arrested in Spain with enough explosives to blow up a bus
The trio - two of whom had practiced flying light aircraft - may have been plotting attacks in Spain or elsewhere in Europe according to Spain's interior minister.
The three - a Russian, a Russian of Chechen descent, and a Turk, were arrested after being watched by Spanish authorities for 'some time'.

Photos from today’s Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade

Israel Daily Picture: The Hardships of Aliya (Immigration) to the Land of Israel in the 1930s