Sunday, August 12, 2012

Former MB leader: "We are able to face the Jews in any war"

Mohammed Mahdi Akef, former head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, said in a TV interview that the group has the ability to prepare fighters "to confront the Jews in any war."

He cited a couple of incidents in 1948 where the Brotherhood was involved in fighting as proof.

In the same interview, Akef said "to hell with those who do not accept Islamic rule in Egypt." He went on to say that under Islamic law, Copts and other non-Muslims would be treated fairly according to Islamic law. He said Islamic rule is the one favored by people of all denominations, and no legal system guarantees fairness in rights as Islam does.

How much longer before the jizya tax on non-Muslims kicks in?

UPDATE: Part of the interview is on MEMRI, but not the part about Jews: