Friday, August 03, 2012

EoZ gets results! FIAP giving ultimatum to UAE photo contest

After a number of EoZ readers complained to the president of the FIAP, Mr. Emile Wanderscheid, about the fact that Israelis cannot register for the Emirates Photo Competition, as reported here this morning, he responded:

Dear Photographer Friends,

After having received your E-mails re the Emirates Photography Competition I want to get this problem straight, to make you understand that it is inappropriate to blame FIAP in this context.

In fact when receiving the application for FIAP Patronage we could not realise that any problem could occur in the context you mention, as it was written in the regulation that "the salon will be open to all photographers from around the world".

Only when receiving your complaints we realised that some countries like Israel are missing in the listing of the countries.

As this is a clear discrimination and an infringement with the FIAP rules, the FIAP Patronage Service wrote two hours ago an E-mail to the organiser telling him that he is formally requested within 24 hours to add all the countries including Israel to the drop down country list or to delete this list completely from the online entry form.
In case of refusal, the FIAP Patronage will immediately withdrawn.

In hope that in this way the problem will be settled and I hope to receive no more complaint from other persons you are motivating to do so.

Kind regards; yours truly,

President of FIAP
Thanks to all my readers who complained. (I like how Mr. Wanderscheid is begging for the emails to stop.)

We will see if the EPC does the right thing, and if not, whether FIAP will follow through...stay tuned.

(h/t Ronald, Jack)