Thursday, August 02, 2012

And more links

Diana Muir Appelbaum uncovers a 1958 Turkish blood libel against Jews that still has echoes today in Turkish society.

Lebanese authorities arrest 36 men at gay cinema
According to a report on the Gay Star News website on Monday, “an unknown number” of the 36 had been released after an unnamed doctor administered the anal exam – a procedure meant to detect sperm.

PalWatch: The Muslim Brotherhood's Patient Jihad

The Economist has a large special report on Jews and Judaism today
JUDAISM IS FLOURISHING, both in Israel, where 43% of the world’s Jews now live, and throughout the Jewish diaspora. The Jews as a nation are flourishing too. Israelis, for all their problems, are the 14th-happiest people in the world, happier than the British or the French, according to a recent global happiness report commissioned by the UN. In the diaspora Jewish life has never been so free, so prosperous, so unthreatened.

Syria: the view from Israel in The Guardian
Israel's position with regard to the Syrian crisis has been misrepresented by two myths. One, propagated by the Assad regime itself, has argued from the outset that this is not a genuine domestic rebellion, but a conspiracy hatched by the US and Israel. The other holds that Israel favours the survival of Assad's regime ("the devil we know" theory) and has exerted its influence in Washington in order to dissuade the Obama administration from serious humanitarian intervention in Syria.

'If I were an Iranian, I would be fearful in coming weeks'

Good news! Iran's Parchin nuclear site seems to have been properly cleansed and is now (presumably) ready for inspection!

An anti-tank missile shot from Gaza gets intercepted

In Iran, anti-semitic outbursts are increasing under Ahmadinejad

Dr. Ruth visits haredim in Israel and sees that things are not as bleak as we are hearing

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