Wednesday, August 08, 2012

24 hours of anti-semitism in Arabic media

Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir says that "The Jewish entity is the crux of the disease and the scourge in the region, and wherever they settle they bring calamities to the nation."

A Salafist group in the northern Sinai said the attack against Egyptian soldiers was a "terrorist act that serves only the Jews."

An article in an Iraqi resistance group newspaper, Al Basrah, says that "Can there be a collapse of the Zionist entity?! Do we have an analysis or a clear vision for it?! Answer: Yes, the Koran tells us that the Jews are cowards and submissive and weak themselves, if they gain strength and dominance and control it is because of external forces...This is how the Koran says to defeat the Jews and their inability to hold power permanently..."

An Egyptian artist expressed sorrow over the killing of the Egyptian soldiers, and cried out, "Oh God, the Jews burned them."

A writer for Al Watan Voice says "the Zionist enemy and his intelligence and his cronies carried out this terrorist act and the evidence of this is the history of the dirty Jews, full of such crimes from the beginning of history; they have been killed Prophets and kill children and the elderly and their assassinations here and there are without any regard for humanity nor of morality."

This Egyptian preacher also blames the Egypt attacks on "the Jews, enemies of Allah."

But the stories aren't all bad. Why, this article in Shorouk News explains that "in the eyes of these Islamists, the Muslims in Egypt who have sold themselves to the West and the United States, and those who sold themselves to the Shiites in Iraq, and also those who sold themselves for Bashar al-Assad in Syria - they are much worse than the Jews and Americans." Meaning that even a relatively sober newspaper that knows that Islamists attacked the Egyptian soldiers accepts as a fact that Jews and Americans are bad, but the Islamists think that some other Muslims are even worse.

All of these stories were published in the past 24 hours.