Sunday, June 03, 2012

Sunday morning Links (Ian)

What happens when the BDS brownshirts come to town
Why BDS Scars Don't Heal A StandWithUs Production

Richard Beinart and Peter Goldstone – Part I
Into The Fray: Peter Beinart has placed himself in precisely the same category as Richard Goldstone. He should be treated in precisely the same manner.
“In Beinart’s account, one is given the clear impression that the evictees were the helpless victims of some callous, arbitrary act perpetrated by a heartless regime, driven by a discriminatory Judeocentric dogma. Nowhere could the reader get a sense that the reason for the eviction was the tenants’ refusal to pay rent; that their removal from the Jewish-owned property was the culmination of a legal battle that extended over three decades and was backed by a verdict of the Supreme Court, an institution invariably depicted as a jealous custodian of the liberal-democratic values Beinart claims are so dear to his heart.”

Tel Aviv launches nonstop gay pride week parties

PHOTOS: NYC Mural Highlights Israel’s And Neighboring Nations’ Gay-Rights Records

Canada quits UN agency over Mugabe appointment

Turkish pianist charged with insulting Islam

64 Years of the Israel Defense Forces