Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday links (Ian and Zvi)

From Ian:
Andrew Bolt covered Kuwaitti MB leader Al-Suwaidan 
on his Sunday TV show The Bolt Report - Ep20 Segment 3 - Video
“What worries me most. How many Muslims here want this kind of preacher?”
A music video of the Kinder Jihadis pictures Why isn't there peace between Israel and the Palestinians?
Romney vows to do ‘opposite’ of Obama on Israel
“Romney on Saturday told the Faith and Freedom Coalition he believes the president is more concerned about Israel attacking Iran than he is about Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon.His hawkish speech was the first time he’s discussed policy toward Israel at length since becoming the likely Republican presidential nominee.”
Digger graveyard desecrated again in Libya
“THERE has been another war graves attack at a cemetery in Libya which contains the remains of Australian soldiers.”

 From Zvi:
"JAIPUR: Israel's Facebook page in India ranks in top three foreign country pages. The Israel in India Facebook page, launched by the Embassy of Israel in August 2010, has received almost 20,000 'likes', a figure surpassed only by the pages of the US and the UK."
"J Street, in addition to undercutting both mainstream Israel and American policy toward Iran, has also mischaracterized the views of those it cites in support of its benighted position.""Either J Street must change its policy, or truth in advertising requires that it no longer proclaim itself a friend of Israel, a friend of peace, a friend of truth or a friend of the Obama Administration."
Good news for Israel this summer... .

"A group of Arabs from Tel Aviv have erected anti-Assad billboards in Nazareth, calling the Syrian leader an animal."
Some Israeli Arabs are angry about this.
(and yet leftists hate Israel)
"Shluhot, located in the fertile and intensely hot Beit She’an Valley, isthe source of 30,000 tons of carrots annually, 85 percent of them for export to Europe and Scandinavia. The kibbutz has grown carrots for morethan 60 years, and Kanner has run the factory for 20 — an unusually long term for a kibbutz company CEO. A second-generation son of the kibbutz, born to parents who came to what was then Palestine by way of Austria and Poland, Kanner has always been around carrots."