Sunday, June 17, 2012

Report: Egypt arrests 22 Arabs planning terror attacks, including PalArabs

Arabic media, including Al Gareda in Egypt, report:
Authorities have arrested 22 people from Arab countries who were preparing to carry out a terrorist attack after the presidential elections this weekend. A source said they were "seized with sophisticated weapons to carry out terrorist operations in Egypt after the end of the presidential election."

He added that those arrested were Syrian, Palestinian and Jordanian and that they were arrested on Saturday; on Monday, they will be brought to the Supreme State Security Prosecution in Cairo for interrogation.

Saturday's papers have published statements from the Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim Yousef in which he said that the ministry received information about people planning to commit hostile acts while wearing army and police uniforms.
There have been statements in Egypt's media about Hamas members planning attacks in Egypt as well, but with the amount of sectarian rhetoric at a peak during the elections and Supreme Court rulings, it is hard to know what is true and what is rumor. Islamists have always been among the first to take advantage of any chaos in the Middle East so these reports cannot be so easily dismissed, either.