Sunday, June 10, 2012

PLO says Jerusalem Festival of Light is "Judaization"

The PLO has slammed the Jerusalem Festival of Lights, currently being held, as evidence that Israel is trying to "Judaize" Jerusalem.

In a statement, they said that this is "an escalation of the Judaization of the Holy City and to change its Arab and Islamic countries through a series of violations and the Israeli practices in the holy city and against its inhabitants, and we call on the international community to assume full responsibility for these practices. The "festival of lights" organized by Israel is currently celebrating the occupation of Palestinian and Arab territories and East Jerusalem, 1967, and these celebrations are held at the gates ofthe Al Aqsa Mosque as the Israelis dance on the blood and Palestinian rights violated by the Israeli occupation."

There is little about the Jerusalem Festival of Lights that is religious. Here's a video from 2010:

So when the PLO speaks in Arabic, they regard all Israeli actions in Jerusalem as "Judaization," not so much as "occupation." Because they know that their audience hates Jews; it is more effective as propaganda to repeat the charge of "Judaization" even when the actions of the Jerusalem municipality have nothing to do with Judaism.