Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Picnic jihad!

When you're entire existence is defined by being a loser, pride compels you to declare victory any way you can.

A few days ago Hezbollah's Al Manar reported:
Zionist army intensified its movements pace Wednesday dawn and morning along the border of the eastern sector of Lebanon, National News Agency reported.

Intensive movements of infantry and armored patrols have been recorded close to the barbed wire of the Lebanese border, NNA added.

At 7:00 a.m. (local time) a Merkava tank has stationed behind the earthworks at the Abbasiya axis, while 3 Hammer vehicles entered the Lebanese part of the village of Ghajar at about 07:15 a.m. to monitor the liberated zone of confrontation, in particular the sector of Wazzani river.
Not s single soldier or bullet crossed the Blue Line. No complaints to UNIFIL recorded. All that apparently happened was an IDF exercise of some sort.

But now Iran's ABNA is crowing:
Hundreds of Lebanese citizens thwarted the Zionist enemy’s scheme which aimed at keeping hikers away from the area of the Wazzani River through practicing daily provocations and building new military posts, Al-Manar correspondent to South Lebanon reported Monday.

After 10 days of the hype, alert, throwing flares, igniting fires and building positions adjacent to the bordering Wazzani resorts in southern Lebanon, all those inciting actions did not prevent the Lebanese people from frequenting areas along the Blue Line and the barbed wire to entertain and picnic on the banks of the Wazzani River, without being affected by the Zionist provocations.

“We are used to their (Zionists) attitude and movements, the more acts they provoke, the more hikers visit the area to entertain,” one hiker told Al-Manar correspondent, Ali Sheib.

More than 6 parks are open on the banks of the Wazzani River, where all are filled with citizens from different regions of Lebanon, who come to spend time of rest and relaxation in spite of the tension proved by the enemy.

“We have been waiting for summer to come and make them (Zionists) feel oppressed watching us entertaining. They do nothing but looking at us from above. That's all they manage to do,” another hiker told Al-Manar.

The significance of frequenting the Wazzani River region, alongside its aesthetic geographical location, constitute a state of challenge to which the people of the resistance are accustomed since the liberation in 2000 at each site facing the Zionist enemy.
Yes, Hezbollah has successfully launched Picnic Jihad.

I can't wait for the videos, with stirring martial music, of masked jihadists eating grilled hamburgers with potato salad and playing Frisbee.