Sunday, June 03, 2012

Photo: Empire State Building in blue and white (updated)

The Empire State Building was lit up in blue and white this weekend in honor of Israel's Independence Day in New York:
 Photo from the Empire State Building's Facebook page
The Empire State Building in New York will form the focal point of Manhattan’s Israel independence celebrations from June 1-3 when it will be lit up in blue and white in honour of the Israeli flag.

The New York landmark will also mark the route of the largest ever parade to commemorate the 64th anniversary of the Jewish State on Sunday, on Fifth Avenue.

More than 200 groups from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Israel will take part in the event - which is organised by the The Community Relations Council of New York, in conjunction with the City of New York, the Israeli Consulate in New York and Israel’s Ministry of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs – with 35,000 anticipated participants and 29 floats. Hundreds of thousands of New York City spectators are expected to follow the event in the city’s streets.

The Israel parade will be televised live in the New York metropolitan area for the second consecutive year.
There has been a bit of controversy over the fact that some left-wing groups that advocate boycotting Israeli goods are being allowed to march in the parade. I think it is appropriate to heckle them as they pass by; but I strongly disagree that the parade itself should be boycotted because people disagree with a tiny minority of those marching. It is far more important to show up and express support for Israel.

UPDATE: The anti-Israel site What Really Happened links to this, with the moderator asking "When was the last time Israel lit up their buildings in red, white, and blue?"

The idea that Israel doesn't appreciate America is laughable. There is an entire park in Jerusalem called Liberty Bell Park.

But to the specific question, does this count?