Thursday, June 14, 2012

PalArabs spreading propaganda in British schools

A typically excellent piece from Daphne Anson:

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) has a paid secretariat and a network of some 40 branches in the UK plus affiliated groups. Sinisterly, it includes the entire land of Israel on its logo.

Among its current links is the London Palestine Place fest (Palestine Place, incidentally, was the purpose-built and deliberately-named nineteenth century headquarters of a notorious London missionary society that existed for the sole purpose of converting Jews to Christianity!)

In its own words, which I take from its leaflet entitled "Palestine-Israel: The Basic Facts", the PSC
"produces publications for its members and the general public and disseminates information through its website; lobbies the media, institutions, the British government and local MPS; organises public meetings, film shows, conferences, debates, boycott events. pickets and demonstrations at local, national and international levels; promotes relations between British and Palestinian oranisations and communities"
It's promoted BDS with gusto since 2001, not least by picketing supermarkets selling Israeli goods, button-holing passers-by, and thrusting anti-Israel propaganda at them. "This is an excellent way to start up a discussion with the general public," one member is quoted as saying. "You start with imported avocados and end up with the Fourth Geneva Convention!"

In my experience, there's always a wad of Israel-demonising leaflets on hand at such demos. But what is not as generally known as it might be (for it's not usually among the material distributed at pickets and rallies) is that in 2009 the PSC produced a particularly pernicious piece of propaganda aimed at poisoning impressionable teenage minds against Israel.

This pernicious piece of propaganda is called "Teachers Pack on Palestine" and a leaflet describing it was given to me hot off the press when, at a PSC-sponsored Israel-demonising exhibition of children's drawings from Gaza, I was mistaken for a schoolteacher.
Read the whole thing.

I remember many years ago in the US there was a controversy that schools, cash-strapped as always, were accepting free materials from Gulf countries to describe the history of the Middle East. Zionist organizations could only respond with pro-Israel materials, but schools would prefer histories of the entire region rather than just one country, and no Zionist organization was up to producing a comprehensive and balanced history of the entire Middle East to counter the Arab narrative.

As Daphne Anson notes, there is no way to know how much of this pernicious anti-Israel propaganda made it into British schools, but given the environment there it seems more than possible that brainwashed teachers and administrators would eagerly accept this political tract as a teaching tool.