Sunday, June 24, 2012

PA buys Caterpillar equipment, BDS and Corries silent

I noted on Friday how the BDS crowd, led by the "Jewish Voice for Peace" and the parents of Rachel Corrie, had lied when they claimed that TIAA-CREF had divested from Caterpillar because of their attempts to boycott Israel.

Caterpillar has been a major target of the BDS crows for years because Israel has used their equipment to demolish illegal Palestinian Arab homes, and Rachel Corrie was supposedly crushed to death under a CAT bulldozer as she attempted to defend a house that was on top of a weapons smuggling tunnel. (In reality, she wasn't killed by the bulldozer, but that is their narrative.)

While the BDS crowd was crowing over their fake victory about Caterpillar and TIAA-CREF, however, there was a ceremony in Ramallah as the official Caterpillar dealer in Ramallah transferred several tractors to the Palestinian Authority!

It even made the news in the territories:

The company that sold the equipment is proud of its Palestinian and Caterpillar roots:

Palestinian Tractor is a truly Palestinian enterprise and is set to play a leading role in the country's economic and industrial development, as well as training and development to its Palestinian staff.

Palestinian Tractor and Equipment Co. Ltd. was established in 1995 as a sister company to Jordan Tractor and Equipment Co. and as an affiliate Company to M.E. JALLAD the dealer of Caterpillar Inc. in Lebanon and Syria since 1929. It is a part of Caterpillar dealers network established all over the world.

As a Caterpillar dealer, PT&E are able to bring to the country not only the finest quality products but also the expertise and the know how of a world leader in the productive use and management of machines that serve various segments of the market.

... As a Caterpillar dealer it is our aim to bring to the customer a quality product which is reliable and is best suited to his job requirements.

Yes, while BDS tries to demonize Caterpillar in the West, the PA is happily using Caterpillar equipment with no objections from the moralists of BDS.

Do the Corries or the rest of the BDS crowd have a problem with their beloved Palestinian Arabs buying equipment that they claim crushed the life out of her body? No, of course not!  It doesn't support their anti-Israel narrative, so they ignore it.

They support protests against Caterpillar in the US  but won't say a word about Caterpillar sales to Arab countries. Because they are hypocrites, who only care about demonizing Israel and not at all about Caterpillar.

(h/t Max and StandWithUs)