Monday, June 25, 2012

Outrageous: AP turns terrorists into "art"

Un-effing-believable. From The Daily Star/Lebanon:

Seven Palestinians gathered in a home in the West Bank village of Bilin and displayed their improvised weapons of protest as AP photographer Oded Balilty snapped their portraits against a black backdrop. The images provide a rare look at the Palestinian stone throwers normally seen in the streets in action against Israeli soldiers.

Do you think any of these "protesters" also throw stones at cars and buses? Have any of them hurled boulders through the windshield of a moving vehicle? Maybe a Molotov cocktail or three?

It's bad enough that wire services stage photos and pretend that they are news. But this takes it to another level - it is at attempt to elevate terrorism into art under the thin guise that it is news.  It is romanticizing terror.

A "rare look"? Do these loving portraits illuminate anything about stone throwers that we didn't already know? 

Yes, they do. They teach us that AP is a disgusting organization. 

And the sick part is, you just know at the end of the year these portraits will win awards from various "progressive" publications, and will be hanging in galleries in Europe.

The photographer is an Israeli who lives in Tel Aviv and has already won a Pulitzer.