Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lotsa Links by Ian

More Pyalara funded incitement.
EU-funded NGO for youth honors terrorist murderers on PA TV (Video)
PMW Suicide terrorists are "greatest role models," says EU-funded NGO for youth on PA TV
More PMW "Our enemy, Zion, is Satan with a tail" - in poem recited by girl on PA TV (Video)

PMW reports lead to closure of website and investigation of NGO
Burj Luq-Luq's website closed and PYALARA being investigated by its donor following PMW reports this week on Palestinian NGOs' hate speech, promotion of violence and glorification of terrorists
Covered here: EOZ - EU-funded NGO teaches anti-semitism

Vanity Fair profiles Bibi!
The Netanyahu Paradox
[With a mug shot. Really. -EoZ]

Israeli wins World Food Prize for 1st time in history
“Hillel’s concept of bringing efficient water irrigation to arid lands helped some of the most barren environments in the world flourish, according to (Hillary) Clinton. Using his method, farmers now produce crops on more than 6 million hectares of land, she added.”
Paris: Jewish youth attacked
Police arrest three suspects in anti-Semitic assault on 18-year-old in Sarcelles suburb of French capital

New pan-Arab satellite channel hopes to counter Al-Jazeera's Arab Spring coverage
"The new station led its Syria coverage with statements from both the opposition and Syria's state-run media. In a later program, the channel hosted Anis Nakash, a Lebanese pro-Iranian figure with a controversial past.
Bin Jiddo said earlier that the new channel will champion Arab nationalism, primarily the Palestinian cause."We will fight sectarianism and stand against colonialism and foreign intervention," he said. "The station's compass will always be turned to Palestine and the resistance."
The channel has attracted journalists from across the Arab world and even beyond. George Galloway, an outspoken former British lawmaker, will host a weekly program called "A Free Word.""

Iran West has failed to halt our nuclear program
Chief Iranian negotiator says ‘peaceful’ nukes are a symbol of progress

Hamas denies involvement in killing of Egyptian protesters
“The Egyptian lawyers alleged they had video proof that snipers from Hamas’ military wing Izz A-Din Al-Qassam infiltrated Egypt during the final days of the Mubarak regime, helping the Muslim Brotherhood kill demonstrators.”

Abbas son says to sue US magazine over wealth claims

Ethnic Cleansing in Post-Qaddafi Libya

The Finkler Question by Associate Professor Philip Mendes
None of this means that a degree of opportunism or expediency is not involved. Some as noted in the Finkler Question only claim a Jewish identity as a convenient means of bashing Israel, and deflecting allegations of anti-Semitism. The most offensive use of a pseudo Jewish identity arguably occurs when Jewish anti-Zionists (including some of the most extreme BDS advocates) highlight and exploit the Holocaust survivor background of their parents or family in order to justify their attacks on Israel (see, for example, the flier promoting Avigail Abarbanel’s book). Yet any serious survey of Holocaust survivors and their families would almost certainly find that the vast majority furiously reject these statements, and offer strong support for the State of Israel.
from Daphne Anson

South African Jews angry at politician’s ‘scapegoating’ Israel
Deputy minister of foreign affairs Marius Fransman said Palestinians are fighting the ‘brutal iron fist of imperialism’

Israel is less peaceful than Syria and Iran, study finds
‘Perhaps in some parallel universe,’ scoffs Foreign Ministry spokesman

Bahrain and Mexico more peaceful than Israel ?
Global Peace Index - wikipedia