Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kuwait arrests suspected gay teens for "satanic rituals"

From Bikya Masr:
Kuwait’s morality police have reportedly arrested at least 10 LGBT teenagers in the country for “satanic rituals” under a crackdown in the name of “morality.”

Security sources in the country have said that the LGBT youth were targeted under “vice” claims.

PinkNews.co.uk reported that the 10 teenagers between the ages of 16- and 18-years-old were arrested on June 8 after police alleged the rituals and “indecent acts” taking place.

The Kuwaiti daily al-Rai in addition claimed that they are also “suspected of homosexuality.”

Kuwaiti police “received complaints” the group held nightly meetings in a disused building in Al-Sharq district of Kuwait city, the report said.

During questioning the adolescents claimed they were working on a film, a claim the police dismissed as the building has no electricity and no photographic equipment was found.

Al-Rai has also reported that 20 men and one woman were arrested in the areas of Salamiya and Hawalli of Kuwait city for “suspicious parties.”

The al-Anba daily claimed the number of people arrested was 27 in several suspect apartments where they usually meet to commit “immoral activities.”

Kuwaiti Times alleged that some of the people were found to be “intoxicated.”

Al-Rai claimed that some of the suspects were arrested in previous raids and were released after signing a document that they will not repeat their “activities.”
Is my copying an article from an Egyptian newspaper about Kuwaiti intolerance towards gays another insidious form of "pinkwashing" since it implies a distinction between how Israel acts and how Arab nations act?

I believe it must be! If pointing out Israel's gay rights record is wrong, then pointing out Arab abuses of gays must be equally wrong - if you are Jewish. (Arabs can and must fight for gay rights in Arab countries, but when Jews mention the topic it is clearly pinkwashing!

Understanding the logic of the hate-Israel crowd is always a challenge, but I think I've got it.