Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jews in sports - Airplane! joke proven

First, the classic joke:

Now, the proof:
The Philadelphia Jewish Sports Hall of Fame and Adolph and Rose Levis Museum (PJSHOF) celebrated its 15th anniversary by honoring eight new individuals in a reception held on May 21, 2012...

The inductees into the Philadelphia Jewish Sports Hall of Fame represent the best of the best, those individuals and teams who, through perseverance, dedication, superior talent and skills, have risen to the top of their respective sports.

This year's special class includes coaches, charity founders, sports managers and a prize-winning writer.
In other words - essentially no athletes.

I liked this inductee:
Glenn Fine is a former inspector general of the United States Department of Justice and Rhodes Scholar, who was a 10th-round draft pick by the San Antonio Spurs.
He never actually played for the Spurs, you understand, but he did reach the rarified heights of being a tenth round draft pick!