Thursday, June 21, 2012

Israel continues to send supplies to Gaza while under attack

Palestine Press Agency reports that on Wednesday, Israel shipped 268 trucks filled with goods through the Kerem Shalom crossing, including 9 trucks of aid, 152 trucks for the commercial sector, including 11 trucks of wheat and 20 trucks of feed, 30 trucks for the agricultural sector, 5 trucks for the transportation sector, including, 30 vehicles, 9 trucks loaded with cement and iron for construction and 61 truckfuls of gravel for UNRWA projects, and also been pumping 159,510 kilos of cooking gas and 240,097 liters of diesel from Qatar, as well as 38,000 liters of diesel for transportation.

Gaza responded by"exporting" dozens of rockets towards Israeli civilians.

Today, after eight more rockets were fired overnight, Israel is sending another 310 trucks of aid through the crossing, including supplies to help upgrade the electric grid of Gaza.