Monday, June 18, 2012

Islamist wins Egypt election; and the terror starts immediately (updated)

From Egypt Independent:
According to Al-Masry Al-Youm's count, the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsy garnered 51.13 percent of the vote, securing the post of the president, after a fierce runoff that pushed former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq out of the race with a slim difference.

Morsy gathered 12,322,549 votes, while Shafiq got 12,201,549, or 48.87 percent of the vote.
Morsi declared himself the winner overnight.

And early this morning:
Said Phashapshe, 36, from Haifa, a civilian working on the Israel-Egypt security fence, was killed Monday in a terror attack on the southern border. Golani soldiers that were called up to the scene engaged the cell, killing two terrorists.

The terrorists reportedly opened fire, fired an RPG rocket and attempted to use roadside bombs against two defense contractor crews building the new border fence.

GOC Southern Command Major-General Tal Russo ordered a full inquiry into the incident and its initial findings derived that the attack was well orchestrated.

According to IDF sources, three terrorists crossed the border trough one of the areas that has yet to be reinforced and stalked two vehicles used by the sector's defense contractor, before attacking the workers.

The IDF believes part of the terror cell remained lying in wait on the Egyptian side of the border.

The inquiry also established the initial reports of RGB fire at the crews – which luckily missed the cars – as well as the use of roadside bombs, as close as 30 meters from the vehicles.

Artillery fired at the vehicles caused one of them to flip over and land in a nearby ditch, killing its passenger.

According to the IDF, Golani forces deployed in the sector were on the scene within minutes and engaged the terrorists.

The gunfight caused an explosive device strapped to one of the terrorists to explode, killing him and another terrorist. It remains unclear whether a third terrorist was killed as well.

Security forces that canvassed the area found AK-47 rifles, grenades, uniforms and munitions, Brig.-Gen. Mordechai said.
Islamist terrorists love a vacuum, and the security vacuum that results from chaos is their favorite kind.

Right now the Muslim Brotherhood is effectively fighting the Supreme Court and the military for the right to rule Egypt, and things will get uglier before they get better.

If they get better.

UPDATE: Hamas mosques in Gaza erupted in celebration when Morsi declared victory.