Thursday, June 14, 2012

The hummus war crimes of the Zionists (Leo)

A funny comment from Leo dam Hofshi on my post of the video "Why did you steal hummus from the Arabs?"
Yes, the Jews did steal Hummus from the Arabs! The shocking story - a further example of "dishwashing", closely related to "pinkwashing" - can now be told. Israeli Zionist Jews kidnapped Hummus from Gaza in a cross-border raid, kept it hidden at a secret location in a basement in Tel Aviv for 5 years without giving it access to its family, international media or even the Red Crescent. Denied adequate healthcare or tortured by adulteration with chile peppers, hummus was not forgotten by its people. Ultimately it was traded for 1000 bad recipes of the Zionist Jews, many sure to give you indigestion.

The introduction of overcooked vegetables - bland to the point of non-recognition - into Arab cuisine has been considered a war crime by Amnesty International. The Zionists will never be forgiven for their fatty corned beef, responsible for an epidemic of coronary artery disease. And the consequences of serving matzohs to the Arab people are considered - unspeakable!This story can be verified by any of the many reliable sources in the "Palestinian" and Arab press. The Zionists have been condemned by all of the appropriate UN agencies - UNRWA, UNESCO, UNHRC - and the Security County has threatened action against the Zionists many times, blocked only reluctantly and at the last minute by their fellow infidels from the United States. And to think - the Zionists are trying to block our brothers in Iran from making nuclear powered hummus! Allah forbid!