Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gaza rocket misfires, kills 2-year old girl. Lying Arabic media blame Israel. (update)

From Ma'an:
A Palestinian toddler was killed Tuesday evening in an explosion south of Gaza City, medics said.

Emergency services spokesman Adham Abu Salmiya said in a statement that Hadil al-Haddad, 2, was killed and her brother was injured in the Zaitoun neighborhood of Gaza City.

A Hamas medical official told Reuters the cause of the child's death was not clear. Witnesses said she was killed when militants launched a rocket close by.

An Israeli military spokesman told Ma'an the army had not attacked that area. He said the army's initial investigation suggested al-Haddad's death was caused by a failed rocket launch by Palestinian militants.
The terrorists are lying, as usual, saying that it was an Israeli bomb that killed the girl.
Zionist war planes bombed a house just west of Al Farouk Mosque near al-Zaytoun neighborhood, which led to the death of Achhad Hadeel Ahmed Al-Haddad, 2, and wounding her brother, 3, was slightly wounded.

And according to the source, warplanes targeted rocket a house belonging to Said Haddad, which is located in a densely populated area.
But notice that this means that the terrorists are shooting rockets from a densely populated area - using thousands of people as human shields, and endangering them as well.

Hamas media quote emergency services spokesman Adham Abu Selmiya as saying that the girl was killed by an airstrike as well. This is notable because he has publicly lied before, and yet continues to be quoted by the mainstream media as if he has credibility.

Fatah media also blames Israel, saying it was a "shelling" and no an airstrike. WAFA, the official PA news agency, blames Israel as well, quoting an "eyewitness" saying that she was killed form a missile from a warplane.

Kudos to Ma'an English for actually doing real reporting.

UPDATE: The BBC tweets that Hamas knows they are lying. (h/t CHA)

UPDATE 2: Ma'an Arabic reports it incorrectly.