Friday, June 08, 2012

Friday links (Ian)

Six Day War anniversary coverage
The IDF Liberates Jerusalem: A Look Back - Video

The capture of Jerusalem, as never seen before
First part of a day by day series from CifWatch with videos.
The Six Day War Day One

Ukrainian Teens Arrested For Damaging Holocaust Memorial

'Dress like an Orthodox Jew' restaurant in Euro 2012 city Lviv, Ukraine
"Dr Zuroff said that the restaurant gives guests hats with peyot attached when they arrive, and avoids citing prices on the menu so that people have to "haggle" on payment.
At another restaurant, "Kryvika", customers are welcomed into a room that is reminiscent of a Nazi-era bunker, after greeting waiters with the password "Glory to the Ukraine."

Peddler of borderline anti-Semitism and fierce critic of Israel made several visits to White House, records show

Wiesenthal Center to YouTube: Take down ‘I love Israel’ video

A “Pinkwashing” roundup
The Crazy Lie of "Pinkwashing" and the Liberal Case for Israel

Exposing Queers against Israeli Apartheid – Video
“Martin Gladstone sits down with Michael Coren to discuss his documentary on Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, a fringe group causing a stir in both gay and Jewish communities alike.”
The website for the doco
Reclaiming Our Pride

Also, (not from Ian,) The Palestinian Money Pit at Aish.

Is Assad using chemical weapons against Syrian civilians?

The real "spring" is not Arab

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