Friday, June 01, 2012

Friday links (Ian, plus)

From Ian:

Caroline Glick
The reign of the fantasists
“Rather than accept this fundamental, but unpleasant truth, Obama and his advisors base their policy of engaging Iran on fairy tales about nonexistent fatwas that purportedly ruled out the development of nuclear weapons. As Vice Premier Moshe Ya'alon put it delicately this week, the Iranians are "laughing all the way to a bomb."

Reactions to Ehud Baraks unilateral withdrawal proposal:
Israeli unilateral withdrawal from West Bank will perpetuate Mideast conflict, Palestinian official says
So it's not about occupation?

Clinton agrees
Clinton rejects Barak's unilateral withdrawal
“WASHINGTON – US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday rejected the notion of unilateral Israeli steps toward separating from the Palestinians.”

Dennis Ross: Saudi king vowed to obtain nuclear bomb after Iran
Funny how Israel’s suspected bomb never provoked such a response.

Egypt prevents aid convoy to Gaza (Iran's ABNA)
“European activists have condemned the Egyptian rejection to implement the obtained regulatory approvals in order to reach the Gaza Strip through the Sinai Peninsula.”

Turks protest the slaughter in Syria – as if
Thousands of Turks rally on anniversary of flotilla

Israel’s creation worst catastrophe to hit world'
“Head of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Badie reminds followers of movement’s “sacrifices” in efforts to destroy the Jewish state.”

Taliban vows to cut Pakistan's bin Laden doctor 'into pieces'
Aren’t leftists always saying the Taliban is separate from Al Qaeda?

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