Monday, June 11, 2012

EU-funded NGO teaches anti-semitism

Palestinian Media Watch notes that a Palestinian Arab youth NGO called Pyalara has been praising suicide terrorists in their TV programs, saying that they are "role models."

"Unfortunately, we couldn't part from them (i.e., the terrorists) or even embrace them, but were satisfied standing before their bodies, standing up before their sanctified message: The homeland won't die, but we will die for it. These [Martyrs] are more honored than all of us... They are the greatest role models for us, not only because they fought and struggled for the homeland, but also because they went beyond the sacrifice [of] strain and effort, to the stage where they actually sacrificed their lives for the homeland."

As PalWatch notes, Pyalara is funded by the EU and Western NGOs:

But Pyalara goes beyond glorifying terrorists and teaches its children actual anti-semitism.

On their website they have issues of their Youth Times magazine. The February 2011 issue discusses topics such as the difficulty that the terrorists released in the Gilad Shalit deal have in re-adjusting to normal life, but even more troubling is this article:

The article is about Freemasons, and it ties the Freemasons to Judaism and Kabbalah, as well as devil-worship. It then goes on to say
Kabbalah is one of the most important tools of Freemasonry, and its first goal to control the minds of the people through the media. Over time, those ideas have become the mainstream.It is not surprising that they have worked to distort the image of Arabs for over a hundred years, which highlighted the Arab as backward and subhuman, and therefore people they are able to control as they see fit, even including death and destruction, in order to implement their projects without objection.
So while they are careful not to say that Judaism (a divine religion) is directly at fault, they are using usual anti-semitic canards and emphasizing ties to Judaism and Jews in their description of Freemansonry as an evil society hell bent on destroying the Arab world ever since the Crusades.

This is what the EU and Western NGOs are funding.