Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The EoZ Pinkwashing Poster

Last year I made a series of posters called Real Liberals Love Israel.

Here's a worthy addition to that series.

Photo courtesy of the IDF.

One of the Facebook comments on the photo:
Aharon Cohen Mohliver: Just to clarify to all the skeptics: this picture was taken during gay pride in israel. It's not "just two men holding hands" and it is absolutely reflective of how the Israeli army treats gays. I'm gay. I served in the IDF as an openly gay soldier in combat units. This is a clear example that sexual orientation has nothing to do with how well one can perform any task, including serving in the field with other (straight) men.
UPDATE: YNet has an article about this photo:
The Foreign Ministry, as well as Israeli missions worldwide, has been known to use the IDF's acceptance of gay soldiers into its ranks as a symbol for Israel's progressive nature; but this is the first time the military has publically embraced the gay community on one of its social media platforms.

The IDF's Facebook initiative struck a chord: Within hours of posting the photo online, it garnered 4,621 "Shares" and over 6,500 "Likes," as well as hundreds of supportive comments.

(h/t Yoel)