Monday, June 25, 2012

Egypt's new president wants to expand ties with Iran (updated)

From Egypt Independent:
President-elect Mohamed Morsy said in an interview with Iran's Fars news agency published on Monday that he wanted to expand ties with Tehran to create a strategic "balance" in the region.

Diplomatic relations between the two countries have been severed for more than 30 years, but both sides have signaled a shift in policy since former President Hosni Mubarak was overthrown last year in a popular uprising.

Fars quoted Morsy as saying better relations with Tehran "will create a balance of pressure in the region, and this is part of my program."

Morsy's comments may unsettle Western powers as they seek to isolate Iran over its disputed nuclear program, which they suspect Tehran is using to build atomic bombs. They cautiously welcomed the democratic process that led to Morsy's election, but made clear Egypt's stability was their main priority.

Fars said he was speaking a few hours before the result of the Egyptian election was announced on Sunday, and that a full version of the interview would be published later.
No wonder Hamas and Islamic Jihad are celebrating.

Here comes the Islamic winter.

UPDATE: Egyptian officials deny this story, saying it is entirely made up by FARS.