Sunday, June 24, 2012

Administrivia? Nah, just trivia

Two and a half years ago I wrote a quick review of the Google Nexus One which I bought as soon as it was released without waiting for a review. In the end, the phone served me well; the updates fixed a lot of the early glitches and it was a fine phone except for its memory limitations.

But the phone was not quite good enough for my new commute, where I am trying to blog on a netbook using the phone as a hotspot - the connection was intermittent. So I upgraded to the Google Nexus Galaxy last week.

So far, it rocks. It is running the latest Android OS - "Ice Cream Sandwich." The voice to text abilities are quite good, I can now speak continuously and it will transcribe it pretty well, as such things go. It is thin, with a large screen; I like the facial recognition unlock feature. And, so far, it has worked great during the commute.

I know that the Galaxy 3 just came out this week, but I am a fan of stock Android that gets updated immediately, so at the moment I believe I have the best phone on the market for me. (Although it appears that the battery life is not quite as good as I was hoping.)

I hadn't been to any movies lately, but I saw Men In Black 3 today. Yeah, I know, everyone has seen it already. But I noticed a mezuzah on the door of K's old apartment after he disappears in a time warp, which I thought was a nice touch.

I didn't realize that the writer was a religious Jew, Etan Cohen, who is now a hot writer in Hollywood. But the mezuzah wasn't his idea, it was the director's.

Cohen also wrote a number of Beavis and Butthead episodes as well as the really great dark comedy Tropic Thunder.

And he was born in Efrat, in Israel - so what's not to love?