Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Abbas lies and threatens in WEF speech

Mahmoud Abbas spoke at the World Economic Forum Middle East yesterday in Istanbul.

As usual, his speech was filled with lies, threats and demands - par for the course for a despot.

Here is part of his speech:

I am pleased today to speak before this conference, which includes prominent international figures in the fields of economics and politics, to discuss many issues, especially the democratic transition, and its impact on the economy and sustainable development, peace and stability in the region and the world.

This from a person who is in office years past the date he was supposed to leave.

[The WEF] discussed the many economic development initiatives and investment in the region, in order to provide prosperity and stability, helping to create a suitable environment for the negotiations and the political process between us and the Israelis; However, despite all efforts the peace process remains stalled without reaching a just solution to end the Israeli occupation of our land, and put an end to the suffering of our people and the agonies extended for more than sixty-four years since the Nakba; However, our people will not lose hope for a better tomorrow for us and our neighbors, and we will continue our quest for peace and stability.
As long as it doesn't involve negotiations or compromise.
I am pleased to take this opportunity to express the State of the brother Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey, our sincere thanks and appreciation, for inviting us and hosting this important conference throughout this beautiful country, which reflects the extent to which you attach, your Excellency, to achieve security, peace and stability in the region, and to ensure a just and comprehensive solution to the Arab - Israeli conflict...
Yeah, Erdogan is a real peach.

On June 5 it has been 45 years since the occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, and the peace process is on the horizon of a dead end, where there is still a draft two-state solution and great obstacles, because of illegal Israeli settlements, which devours the Palestinian Territories, and cut apart, and isolates East Jerusalem from its Palestinian Arab neighbors, and changes the historical and cultural features, as well as settler attacks daily in East Jerusalem, and throughout all the West Bank, and their attacks on unarmed Palestinians and their property and houses of worship, and lack of commitment by the Israeli government reference, international, two-state solution based on 1967 borders, according to the Roadmap, the Arab Peace Initiative, and the resolutions of international legitimacy.
But the daily attacks on Jews, daily incitement in Palestinian Arab media, official government denial of Israel's existence in all PA maps, are fully justified and completely compatible with peace, right? Which residents of the territories live behind fences because of fear of attacks - Jews or Arabs?

Notice also that Abbas denies any Jewish historical connection to Jerusalem, so his accusations on that point are more than hypocritical.
On the Palestinian level, we fulfilled all our obligations in agreements, and initiatives of the international Quartet, and made our position and intentions, and we have all that is required of us in this regard, and to meet the aspirations of our people's national living in an independent sovereign state is committed to international law, and in the 1967 borders, living in security, peace and stability with the state of Israel, and believes the Charter of the United Nations.
See above. They show no desire to live in peace with Israel, especially by praising terrorists as recently as this week.
In the context of constructive cooperation with the international community finished building the institutions of the state, recognized by more than 132 countries and has diplomatic representation in most countries of the world. However, the embodiment of its independence and its sovereignty over the land is still subject to end the occupation and the Israeli settlements on our land, including East Jerusalem, the capital of our Palestinian state, which requires the demarcation of the border between the two countries based on the 1967 lines, and ensure the security of third parties; and resolving final status issues all, including the creation of a just and agreed according to the Arab peace initiative for Palestinian refugees, who have been displaced from their homes, robbed of their rights, and still waiting for justice to the international community for them, also includes the release of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails.
Arab states have no responsibility for keeping Palestinian Arabs stateless and miserable for 64 years, of course. Abbas wants them to remain that way, and has said so, taking away their own freedom to choose citizenship elsewhere. He is a lying, opportunistic, dictatorial, sickening hypocrite who is more than willing to throw his own people under the bus in order to fulfill his own fantasies of destroying Israel, one step at a time.
Our region needs to build bridges of cooperation and peace and dialogue, and not to create walls and the expansion of settlements, but to initiate serious negotiations leading to the desired peace.
Yet Abbas is the one who has refused to negotiate for four years now.
[Our people have made] a great sacrifice, desiring a state on less than a quarter of historic Palestine, do not turn away for this opportunity available today, which may not remain available for a long time, the region experiencing rapid and successive developments, and if we want the victory of democracy and human rights, then we have to make a just and comprehensive peace, which guarantees a better future for our region and our future generations, and avoid the consequences of our children and your children return to the squares of violence and the cycle of conflict.
The opportunity ha sbeen available since Oslo, and Abbas and his gang have refused to accept a state. That's the bottom line. Instead they threaten, support terror, teach their kids to hate and continue their demand to destroy Israel demographically.

And, of course, Abbas must trot out his lie about "historic Palestine."

If they really wanted peace and if they really wanted a state, they would have had it years ago. But their demands are not for a state or peace, but for a bizarre definition of "justice" where they are the judges, and of a world without a Jewish state.