Tuesday, June 19, 2012

1967: "Jews would become fish food"

In an article in Al Wasat (Bahrain), an Egyptian talks about how he feels thatthe events happening in Egypt today are like a second "naksa" [setback] - comparable to Egypt's defeat by Israel in 1967.

His language about how he remembers 1967 is interesting:
Second major setback!

I lived through the first setback as an Egyptian teenager. At the time, in the hearts of all Arabs living in Egypt, we waited for the promised victory over the Zionist enemy. This victory did not come...

In the first naqsa, Arabs lost the battle in a humiliating manner, and lost large parts of their home countries, and the many setbacks were enormous in their thoughts, as the images in Egyptian media showed them that victory was just around the corner, and that the Jews will become food for fish! The devastating defeat was harsh for all of their dreams.