Friday, May 18, 2012

Saudi oil company buys Israeli software

Arutz-7 (Hebrew) reports that a Saudi oil products company, Yanar, recently purchased an online tool for managing large business organizations - that was developed in Israel.

The software, called TBM, was developed by the Israeli Daronet company, and is said to be unique among cloud management platforms.

Yanar purchased the software through a branch in Australia after Daronet exhibited it in a Melbourne software show.

The Saudis insisted that their men will complete training on the software in order to avoid the using Israeli support services it normally provides its customers. The support center is in Elad, a religious Jewish community, and is mostly staffed by women.

The Daronet CEO stated that the entire transaction value is estimated at 700 thousand shekels.

The BDS movement was unavailable for comment.