Thursday, May 31, 2012

PalArabs celebrate dead terrorists as heroes

From AP:
Israel on Thursday handed over the remains of 91 Palestinian militants, including suicide bombers, to the West Bank government in an effort to induce President Mahmoud Abbas to renew peace talks.

All 91 were killed over the past decades while carrying out suicide bombings or other attacks on Israeli targets, Palestinian officials said. At least one of the attacks dated back to the 1970s.
There is a huge amount of joy over this in the Palestinian Arab media, as the terrorists are called "heroes" and the PA calls them"martyrs" - with their terror acts lovingly described.

In the pro-Fatah Palestine Press Agency, a family talks about how proud they are of their daughter, 19 year old Hiba Daraghmeh, who blew herself up in a mall in Afula, killing 3 - including a Muslim. (Notably, the PA issued one of their fake condemnations for that attack.)

The bodies of terrorists from the Savoy Hotel attack were also released. Fatah also regards these as heroes.

Also being celebrated is the suicide bomber who killed 13 at the Dizengoff Center attack of 1996

The Kfar Darom car bomb attack on a bus that killed 8, including American Aliza Flatow, is also being newly celebrated.

Hamas put out statistics on how many Israelis these "martyrs" killed (163 killed, 692 wounded, they claim) and listed the major attacks they were a part of.

For some reason, I haven't seen any Arabic articles that call for peace talks to be resumed because Israel released the bodies.