Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Fatah Facebook page glorifies 1975 Savoy Hotel terrorists

From Palestinian Media Watch:
Fatah has chosen to use its official Facebook page to glorify terrorists.

Fatah's page currently displays a poster with the pictures of 8 terrorists who carried out a terror attack on the Savoy Hotel in Tel Aviv in 1975, that was posted by the Fatah administrator.

8 Israeli civilians and 3 soldiers were killed in the attack.

Text on poster:
"The Tel Aviv operation, March 6, 1975 ; The Palestinian passage to the homeland"

The text under each terrorist's picture reads:
"The heroic Shahid (Martyr)" followed by the terrorist's name.

This is the official Fatah Facebook page as announced in PalArab media on February 1.

The Fatah terrorists arrived by sea from Lebanon. They had intended to attack a different target, but they got lost and chose this hotel because it was the only building lit up on the street.

The dead included two Swiss, a German, a Somali and a teenage boy from the Netherlands. The Fatah terrorists set off explosive charges when Israeli forces raided the hotel; one Fatah member survived and initially claimed to have come from Egypt (in order to frustrate any peace agreement between Israel and Egypt) before admitting that they came from Lebanon.

Fatah took responsibility, saying that they wanted Israel to release some 10 terrorists from prison.

These are the heroes of today's "moderate" Fatah.