Friday, May 25, 2012

More anti-semitic incidents in Hungary

A couple of weeks ago I passed along two stories about anti-semitism in Hungary. Commenter Stanley Ukridge, who writes from a Budapest IP address, confirmed the first story but said the second one was untrue.

He just sent me news of two more recent anti-semitic incidents.

In one, a statue of Holocaust hero Raoul Wallenberg was desecrated by someone placing pigs feet around the neck:

In the second, anti-semitic graffiti was scrawled on a statue commemorating the shooting of Jews into the Danube by the Arrow Cross militiamen towards the end of World War II (hundreds of Jews were lined up at the river's edge, told to take off their shoes, and shot so they fell into the river and were swept away.)

The graffiti here says "This is not your country, filthy Jews."

This one has an arrow pointing to the Danube and says "You will be shot there."

(There is another famous sculpture commemorating the massacre on the banks of the Danube.)