Thursday, May 10, 2012

Some Hungarian anti-semitism (updated)

I received two items today about Hungary.

The first incident:
Actor József Székhelyi had been invited to perform as part of a cultural event in Eger, but the city council decided (after the posters and programmes had been printed) to un-invite him because, as one councilwoman put it, he is a "Liberal, stinking Jew".
In reaction:
Israeli Ambassador Ilan Mor cancelled a planned visit to Eger to protest allegedly anti-Semitic remarks made against actor József Székhelyi by a Fidesz local councillor. Mor assured Székhelyi of his solidarity.

Mazsihisz and the Budapest Jewish Religious Community BZSH will hold an event to show solidarity with Székhelyi at Goldmark Hall near the Dohány utca synagogue in Budapest on Sunday evening.

And the second was this photo of a poster, supposedly widely visible throughput Hungary, showing an Aryan-like Hungarian shaking the money out of an evil Jew's pockets:

(h/t O. and JH as well as jzaik)

UPDATE: Commenter Ukridge, who is in Budapest, confirms the first story but says the second one is not true at all.

UPDATE 2: Simply Jews traces the poster story back to a Hungarian blogger who assures us that it is very real, and identifies where this poster was photographed.