Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Saudi woman sentenced to 50 lashes for cursing

From Bikya Masr:
A Saudi court sentenced a local woman to 50 lashes for swearing at her friend, following an argument, a newspaper reported on Monday.

The two Saudi women, aged 33 and 31 years, had decided to go out with their children for a weekend night but differed on where to go.

“An argument ensued and the two women decided to split … one of them later sent a text to her friend’s mobile phone swearing at her,” the Arabic language quotidian Kabar reported.

“The other woman went to court and showed the judge the message … although that woman said she was joking, the court ordered her lashed 50 times.”

Kabar said the court has given the convicted and sentenced woman the right to appeal.
Just an everyday human rights travesty in Saudi Arabia. Nothing to get excited about. After all, we all know that sharia law is just as humane as any other, and poses no danger to anyone.