Monday, April 30, 2012

Old-school anti-semitism in NYC

From Gawker:
A bunch of us here at Gawker Media have received letters recently containing nothing but this single photocopied montage of magazine covers bearing the words, "WALL ST. JEWS."

What is the deal with this mysterious mailing, anyhow? Why the persistence required to design, copy, and laboriously mail so many letters to so many people? What is the message here, about all of these Jews, on Wall Street? Put your guesses in the comments.

[Confidential to all lone nuts out there: just keep mailing your bizarre letters and you'll make Gawker eventually!]
Interestingly, while all of the people pictured are apparently Jewish, not all of them have been implicated in any crimes. Apparently, just being Jewish and in the financial industry is criminal enough for the sender.

It is interesting that in the 21st century and in the days of 45 cent postage rates, Jew-haters will still use old-fashioned mail to send out their hate.

In the Gawker comments, one anti-semite (who denies being an anti-semite, naturally) is persistently defending the thesis that Jews are the root of all financial evil.

(h/t Yoel)