Sunday, April 01, 2012

Official Malaysian sermon: Jews are a "brutal race" and Muslims' main enemy

From the Malaysian Insider:
The Federal Territories’ official sermon today [March 30] told Muslims Jews are their main enemy as proven by their ego and murderous acts.

The Friday sermon, delivered at lunchtime in mosques across the capital city, said Muslims must “free your brethren in Palestine from the grasp of Zionist rule and economic siege by donating money, food, medicine and whatever is suitable.”

“Firstly, Muslims must understand Jews are the main enemy to Muslims as proven by their egotistical behaviour and murders performed by them,” said the sermon prepared by the Federal Territory Islamic Affairs Department (JAWI).

It called on “community leaders and NGOs to intensify activities that increase awareness and understanding to the public about the importance of al-Quds (Jerusalem),” referring to the city that is sacred to Jews, Muslims and also Christians.

“The honour of al-Quds and the al-Aqsa mosque must be defended by all Muslims as it is holy land that is blessed,” the sermon added.
The sermon is online. (PDF) Besides quoting the famous Hadith on how the rocks and trees will help Muslims slaughter Jews, it says:
The Jews are a brutal race continually developing series of violence in this holy land....Why we have never felt challenged by the arrogance and Jewish ego against this blessed land? Did not our heart break out in anger against those who insult Islam? Have we forgotten, with Quranic verses above that curse the Jewish people as hostile, who torture and kill Muslims then, now and forever? Why we still do not realize the above atrocities committed by the Jewish people?

Muslims must first understand that the Jews are the main enemy of Muslims as proven by their egoistic attitude and murders committed by them.
Time for the mandatory apologetic section:

Of course, you must understand, this isn't anti-semitism. Of course not. No way. There is no reason for Muslim leaders to denounce this sermon because it is so self-evidently true and only against Zionists. Jews are well-respected in Islam. In fact, labeling this anti-semitic is a form of Islamophobia, which is a huge problem worldwide that must be fought tirelessly. There is no connection between sermons like this and attacks on Jews which never happen and are exaggerated. Muslims are the victims when Jews are attacked by supposed Muslims. And Jews aren't ever attacked by real Muslims anyway. Every attack on Jews is really orchestrated by Israel in order to make people hate Muslims. It's a well-documented plot. Oh, look, Jews are building apartments! 

(h/t Ian)