Thursday, April 05, 2012

More evidence of Iran's nuclear weapons program

Circumstantial, but still compelling.

From the end of a Ha'aretz article:
Regarding Syria's WMD aspirations, Clapper indicated that Damascus clandestine nuclear program, one on which it cooperated with North Korea, operated for more than a decade, since the late 1990s and until the 2007 destruction of the "Kibar" reactor.

According to the report, had the reactor not been destroyed – in an action attributed to the Israeli air force – the Syrian plant could have started producing weapons-grade plutonium. The IAEA's investigation of the "Syrian nuclear case" is ongoing.
So the North Koreans helped Syria in their clandestine nuclear weapons program - and there is strong evidence that the North Koreans are helping Iran in their nuclear program as well.

Who thinks that Iran is hiring North Koreans for their expertise in peaceful nuclear technology?

The question isn't if there is a smoking gun proving Iran's goal to produce a nuclear bomb. The question is, what evidence is there that the Iranian nuclear program is not meant for weapons?