Sunday, April 22, 2012

Links and snippets

Secret freedom at Tel Aviv’s ‘Palestinian Queer Party’

One of the drag queens yelled at me to stop photographing — it could be dangerous for them if someone sees the pictures, I was told, because many of those at the party are still in the closet.

HPMonitor compares the number of comments for protester beatup stories.
Protester Beatdown Roundup
It's a little depressing how many articles you find when you enter "protester beaten" into the Huffington Post's search engine.Ready to take a little trip down memory lane?

Iran Picks Awkward Time to Escalate Gulf Tensions
“The UAE maintains that Iran occupied the three islands in November 1971 in the cover of the night during the short window between the British withdrawal from the Trucial States and the announcement of the UAE as a federation of these states. The UAE archives carry pre-invasion photos of the islands with the flag of the UAE emirate of Sharjah hoisted.
“Throughout the years the UAE has called upon Iran to either resolve the dispute through direct negotiations or through the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Iran continuously maintains that, "according to international documents and historical background, there is no doubt about Iranian ownership of the three islands" adding that the ICJ has "no jurisdiction" over the islands.”
The Real Iron Wall, where the myths of Jabotinsky are debunked.

A Druze is appointed Israel's ambassador to New Zealand.

(h/t Ian, Yoel)