Tuesday, April 03, 2012


CiFWatch exposes the background of the next "flytilla."

The goalie of the Palestinian Olympic soccer team and Palestinian Red Crescent employees were among 13 West Bank residents arrested for an attack on Israeli soldiers. The arrests in the Jan. 20 shooting attack against Israeli troops were announced Monday by the Israel Defense Forces. No injuries were incurred during the attack but a vehicle was damaged, according to the IDF.

Clothing will be exported from Gaza to England next month for the first time in five years.
This makes me high tech

Turkey’s Greek Orthodox citizens living on the island of Gökçeada (Imbros) in the north Aegean cannot buy property on the island, the Taraf daily claimed on Sunday. The issue emerged when lawyer Erhan Gökçe complained in court about officials who put up difficulties before non-Muslims on the island who want to obtain property. He first petitioned Gökçeada’s Land Registry and Cadastre Department, demanding to know why Muslims can easily buy property on Gökçeada while members of the Greek Orthodox community cannot.

The winners of a singing competition TV show in Israel, Eyal Golan Kore Lecha, are a Muslim and a Jew.

French Islamists planned to kidnap a Jewish magistrate, say investigators.

Iran's PressTV: says Zionist media in US are using Trayvon Martin case to divert attention from attacking Iran.

Michael Totten - on false moderation among Islamists.

Iran is also still pushing the 9/11 narrative that Israel was behind the attacks. They quote a known crazy conspiracy theorist.

My reporting was used as a basis for Arutz-7 articles twice in the past two days. Israel Today also linked to me today, as did Commentary. All for different posts.

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