Saturday, April 21, 2012

Islamic Jihad threatens Eilat

Palestine Today reports that Islamic Jihad has released a book meant to highlight the strategic value of Eilat to Israel and stress how much damage could be done to the Jewish state if it was attacked.

According to the book, Eilat (or Rashrash in Arabic) is so strategic that it means "life or death" to Israel; it asserts that Israel isn't supported by four legs, but merely one - Eilat.

The book states that Israel is using Eilat to infiltrate into African and other states, and its tourism trade is critical as well. It descies that fact that Palestinian Arab terrorists have mostly ignored the city.

At a press conference at the book launch, an official said that Arab, Islamic and Palestinian terrorists should concentrate on the task of dealing with this strategic area and hit control systems on the port and the surrounding area and destroy the layout and routine of everyday life, as well as take away any sense of personal security that Eilat residents enjoy.

Earlier this month a two rockets were fired into Eilat from the Sinai. Israel blamed the Popular Resistance Committees which they denied. The rockets reportedly originated in Libya.

There was a similar rocket attack on Eilat in April 2010.