Sunday, April 15, 2012

Iran offers a "friendly" threat to UAE

Last week, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited islands that are in dispute between Iran and the UAE, and the UAE was not happy:

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) recalled its ambassador to Tehran Thursday, state news agency WAM reported, after having protested over a visit by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to a disputed island.

“The foreign ministry has recalled its ambassador to the Republic of Iran, Saif Mohammed Abid Al-Zaabi, for consultations,” it said.

Emirati Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al-Nahayan Wednesday slammed the visit to the island of Abu Musa as a “’flagrant violation of UAE sovereignty over its territories.”

This is a “setback to all efforts and attempts the UAE is making to find a peaceful settlement to Iran’s occupation of the three UAE islands,” the foreign minister said.

“This visit will not change the legal status of these islands which are part... of the UAE national soil,” the English-language statement said.

Sheikh Abdullah, who visited Iran in February, said Ahmadinejad’s move and “provocative rhetoric... expose Iran’s false allegations regarding its keenness to establish good relations... with the UAE and countries of the region.”
Iran's response is about as threatening as possible while pretending to be "friendly":
Secretary of Iran's Expediency Council advises the officials of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) against singing the same tune as Zionist regime of Israel and to avoid hasty measures.

Mohsen Rezaei made the remarks on Saturday in reaction to the UAE protesting President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s recent visit to Iranian island of Abu Musa.

“The President’s trip to the Iranian island of Abu Musa to visit Iranian citizens was the right thing to do,” Fars News Agency quoted him as saying.

Rezaei stated that UAE officials appear to be abusing Iran's friendship and brotherhood, adding, “If they think Iran has become weak, [they] are mistaken. Today, Iran is very strong and will crush any [act of] aggression.”

“Emirati officials had better apologize to Iran and not be dragged onto the same path as the Zionists because the region needs tranquility, peace and cooperation. If they have any objections, they can politely convey their objection to the Iranian government via diplomatic channels,” Rezaei said.

He went on to say that the UAE has been issuing statements on three Iranian islands - Greater Tunb and Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa - for years.

“The UAE government sometimes uses a fake name for the Persian Gulf, but Iran continues its friendship and collaboration with the UAE with patience and by ignoring such wrong behavior,” he added.

Rezaei said the UAE government has apparently misunderstood Iran's friendship or is trying to appease foreign parties due to pressures.

“It would better for the UAE government to maintain honest and friendly relations with Iran and not repeat its [earlier] mistake of cooperating with [Iraq's former dictator] Saddam Hussein,” he concluded.
It looks like the smile of a wolf as he circles his sheep neighbors.

Most Arab states have denounced Iran over this latest provocation.