Monday, April 09, 2012

Gaza "siege" update

Israel continues to send fuel to Gaza's power plant, easing the crisis there that came about because Hamas didn't want Israel to send fuel to Gaza's power plant:

Yesterday 537 thousand liters of diesel, 80 thousand liters of gasoline and about 210 tons of [cooking] gas were transferred to the power station in Gaza through the Kerem Shalom [crossing] and today (04.09.12) a similar amount is expected to be transferred.
This is in addition to the 430,000 liters sent last week.

Four transformers were brought in order to improve the activity and electricity generation capacity at the station and are a part of an extensive project for upgrading the power supply capacity of the power plant from 80 megawatts that it can provide today to 120 MW, in two months (with final placement of the new transformers).
During the first quarter of 2012, 639 tons of strawberries, tomatoes, peppers and flowers were exported [from Gaza.]