Tuesday, April 17, 2012

100th anniversary of a pogrom in Fez, Morocco

Today is the 100th anniversary of a particularly gruesome pogrom in Fez, Morocco, as a protest against the French turned into a violent rampage against the Jews who lived in a ghetto there.

From the Boston Evening Transcript:

From the Grey River Argus:

Here is what the Jewish quarter looked like afterwards:

In the end, some 60 Jews were murdered.

And this was not particularly unusual for Fez.  There were pogroms in 1033, and 1276, in 1465 the mellah (ghetto) was almost completely destroyed, and there were pogroms throughout Morocco in 1790 where the Fez Jews were forced out of the city for two years.

This is just a small part of how well Jews were treated in Muslim countries. For the most part better than Europe, but they were always considered to be inferior and apart from the majority population, and when bad things happened the Jews were the first to be attacked.

UPDATE: See also here.